Since the approval of the new Reinsurance Regulatory Framework by means of the National Superintendence of Insurance Resolution No. 35615, dated on February 11, 2011, and further supplementary rules, insurance companies in Argentina can only underwrite their reinsurance agreements with local reinsurers.

At the time the rule was approved, there was no local reinsurer in Argentina.

The traditional Argentinian insurance company, La Holando Sudamericana, operating since 1918 decided to create a reinsurer independent from the insurance company. Thus, Reunión Re Compañía de Reaseguros S.A., appeared, with the aim of offering proficiency to the Argentinian insurance market

Reunión Re has been operating since January 1, 2012. It has achieved a place in the market as a leading local reinsurer that stands out from the others by offering services of quality and excellence to insurance companies, reinsurance brokers and international reinsurers.